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For Parents

On this page, we will publish links to articles and videos of interest to parents. Content will change, so be sure to check back from time to time in order to see what's new!

Lent at Home

Due to the corona virus pandemic, we are all finding ourselves spending unexpected time at home. The online outpouring of "family faith activities" to do at home has been overwhelming. Below, we offer a  curated list of just of few of these ideas for practicing our faith together at home. We invite you to take a look and pick something that seems right for your family:

  • If you are wondering how to talk with your children about God and their fears during the pandemic, this article by Wendy Claire Barrie will give you both ideas and encouragement.

  • My favorite structure for family worship time with teens and elementary school-age children is the Faith 5 model. It consists of sharing highs and lows of the day; reading a bible verse or story; discussing how the story might relate to highs and lows; praying for one another's highs and lows; blessing one another. Check out the website for more details!


  • If you would like a full devotional already prepared for you using this method, you can find one here with this Pandemic Hope Devotional. It has six weeks of daily readings and practices, and at the end you'll find a fun list of hand-washing hymn verses and a great prayer bingo game!

Family Easter celebrations are familiar to us already , but you might be wondering how to participate in Holy Week at home with your children, or even just for yourself.

  • For Maundy Thursday, what about washing each other's feet? What about a "technology darkness" on Good Friday? Or making your own paschal candle? Check out these ideas and more from BuildFaith right here.

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